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A thousand years seems to be long and fleeting. The ancient twilight of the gods is far more than a thousand years of fighting. Now it is necessary to end everything in a thousand years. All the ancient clans are working together in an attempt to create the prosperity of the ancient clans, reproduce the glory and glory of the ancient clan, and dominate the rise and fall of heaven and earth. The four lords of the ancient clan already had their own plans in their hearts. Although they had different ideas about how to act after the destruction of the demon clan, at this moment, the Lich was not destroyed, and they had a common enemy. This birth is not only a great disaster, but also a great opportunity. If they can break the disaster and become the real strongest, their race will have the qualifications to inherit through the ages. Without the power of the strongest, they will eventually disappear in the long river of history. Only the strongest have the capital to survive disasters again and again, and even in the prehistoric world, the strong in the realm of heaven dare not kill them wantonly. The ninth heaven of Yasheng seems to be easy, but I don’t know how many great talents there have been. In order to impact this realm and fall into ashes and condense the road, it is necessary to cut off the way of heaven. This is heaven and earth will cut off the road ahead, do not cut off the way of heaven, will never be able to break into the realm of the strong, not perfect, is the achievement of the body of a saint, but also lost a step closer to the capital. The great plunder of heaven and earth is even more terrible. Some of the strongest people who live in seclusion in the prehistoric world have never been born, and they are also afraid of triggering the plunder of heaven and earth. Every time the great plunder of heaven and earth falls, it means the fall of a strong man. There are only six people who can really resist the plunder of heaven and earth. The prosperity of the ancient people will be created in their hands. If they don’t succeed, they will die. This is the belief in their hearts. If the first World War can destroy the Lich together, they will gather immeasurable luck and impact on the realm of the strong. Once they succeed, their strength will be able to engage with some ancient holy places that will last forever in the world. Qi Yun plus body, that is,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, the strong people in the realm of heaven personally, are to consume their own Qi Yun, but also to lead to the punishment of heaven and earth. Every one of the strongest, is the condensation of endless merit and luck, get the favor of heaven and earth, through ten thousand plagues but not destroyed. God’s eyes turn, at this moment the demon emperor Jun has not yet appeared, let the four ancient clan leaders feel a trace of meaning, that is,side impact door beams, the ten demon clan of the Great Sage together, they are not really in the eyes. To expel them is just to destroy the heaven more quickly. Endless armies of the ancient race stepped into the starry sky, and every star began to have their footsteps. The river of blood was shattered, and no one could stop them from really entering the territory of the demon clan. A hall shining with fiery red light was floating and sinking in the heaven. Even if it was far away, you could easily feel the endless power contained in it, like a sleeping ancient God. Once you woke up, heaven and earth would be shaken by it. The four strong men stood in the air, and their huge figures could pick up the stars in the sky with a slight movement. At this moment, they did not make a move, but put their huge minds into the starry sky, trying to find a trace. Despite their thorough strength, their hearts are also extremely conceited, facing the real decisive battle, they still maintain an instinctive caution, the ancient war, like their overbearing existence, beam impact tubes ,Precision steel tubes, the fall of the unknown. In the starry sky, some strange, a force of stars lurking among them, as if there is an ancient array, the whole starry sky blockade, once into it, can not get out! Snow Saint’s white clothes fluttered, his dark pupils flashed with the light of wisdom. His realm had already transcended all obstacles. He was only one step away from stepping into the realm of the strongest. The faint murder in the void made him a little uneasy, as if he would face the crisis of life and death if he went further. His long white hair was dancing with the wind. At this moment, he held the snow mountain in his hands and looked at the starry sky. His expression changed, and his voice was still a little uncertain.
“Zhou Tian Star Array, the town clan array of the demon clan, triggers the power of 365 stars. It is said that the strongest person will be killed if he enters it. Emperor Jun once used this array to slaughter countless enemies!”! Rumor has it that Emperor Jun was born with two treasures in his arms, Hetu and Luoshu, which have the power to deduce heaven and earth and explore the secrets of heaven. Even the strongest can’t compare with them. Deduce the starry sky, feel the heaven and earth, and set up a big array of stars in Zhou Tian! The deep voice of the golden emperor Zhu Aotian sounded in the air, and each of them knew the town clan array of the demon clan, and had done all kinds of research on it. At this moment, the real face of the starry sky, even the four ancient lords have a feeling of insignificance, the size of the world, far beyond their imagination. In the vast starry sky, there is a hidden mystery, that is, in their inheritance, which is unknown. Rushed into the starry sky on the floating island of the ancient army wantonly launched a killing, a bloody fight in the starry sky, ShaSheng, without the help of the four masters of the ancient clan, the soldiers of the demon clan at this moment, but also showed the strength of the prehistoric world. The fall of every demon warrior will pull a warrior of the ancient clan, or even directly explode the primordial gods, killing all the ancient clans around. Sacrificing life and death of the fierce fight again and again, the big array of the demon clan is also revealed one by one, with the two treasures of Hetu Luoshu, the demon emperor Jun, deduced countless killing array, this moment is used by the soldiers of the demon clan. The collision between the ancient killing array can even break some stars directly. On each floating island, there are descendants of the demon clan, which is the home of the demon clan. Defending their homes, even some of the demons who have not yet been transformed are armed with pikes, fighting with the ancient warriors, even if they die, they have no regrets. Each of the Great Sages of the Ten Demon Clans was incomparably tough. They directly competed with Lao Wang of the ancient clan without fear. Although they were born after the ancient times, their strength was not inferior, and even the monarch with the realm of Tao could not compete with them. In the starry sky, blood filled the air, whether it is the ancient clan or the demon clan, is to pay a painful price, every step forward, there are countless soldiers lying down, stepping on the body of the enemy,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, to move forward. The Great Sage of the Ten Demon Clans, and even some of the Great Demons of the Demon Clan who had never been born, joined hands to attack the Ancient Clan. cbiesautomotive.com

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